Wednesday, September 19, 2007

we have been blown away

by the warm welcome and friendly outpouring of support here in Galesburg. For example, Weston happened to mention at high school bible study last night that we were miserable from the heat... Well, this morning there was a knock on the door, and someone was there with two fans to loan us. A few hours later someone else brought another one. Tonight at church, we were informed that another friend was finding a wall unit cooler for us to borrow. Amazing! (get my blog title pun now?)

We've also had so much help and needs met in other areas as well. Tonight we had dinner with a neighbor, an older couple with 5 grown children of their own. They are new attenders at Bethel (though long time believers). Super nice people, who welcomed us into our home in spite of our 4 misbehaving children (you should've seen the mess Aidan made at dinner...)

Tonight was Junior High Youth Group and also Awana. I was SO excited to take Caleb... I've been looking forward to it since way before he was ever born! It was just a kick-off night, with pizza and carnival games, but neat all the same. What wasn't neat was that Aidan has a runny nose, so I didn't want to take him to the nursery. It was crazy hard trying to corral that guy and attempt to help Caleb participate.

Here are some recent pictures that really don't have to do with anything I've written about, but are fun all the same. They are from last night when I gave all 4 boys a bath while Weston was at bible study... It should be an Olympic Event.

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carly said...

oh my gosh! you gave all four of them a bath?! you are super mom!:) i love your blog and feeling a little caught up on your lives. miss you!