Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quinn- 20 months

Just a few cute things about Quinn at this snapshot in time:

* He still loves to eat. If he even hears one of us clanking plates around or making noise in the kitchen, and his tummy tells him it must be close to meal time, he will rush to his high chair, climb up, and even often buckle himself in.

* He recently has developed a love for 'movies'. It was really just in the last month that they seemed to all of a sudden capture his attention. Now he often requests them, by climbing on the couch and saying "movie". He also tries to con us into playing them in the van by pointing to the screen and saying "movie". Pray for me not to indulge him too often.

*His favorite show? He will tell you, "Go Diego Go", with an excited voice and a cute little enthusiatic scrunched up face.

* He has gotten really good at communicating his wants. With his baby signs or with his voice. And it is very hard to say 'no' to a cute little face saying super politely "more juice please" or "snack please".


* He loves music, and loves to dance. I absolutely adore when he moves his little arms in front of him with fingers clenched, in his very unique little dance move.

* He loves to make others laugh. When we were in a hotel room last month, it was nearly impossible to get him to sleep. He craved the laughter and attention he would get from the rest of us (as much as we tried to ignore him), and decided it outweighed the discipline. He would pop his head above the pack-n-play with silly timing, and he would also make hilarious noises, from a darth vader type breathing, to fake snoring, and tons of varying buzzing/humming/silly sounds. Whenever we thought he might of actually finally fallen asleep, he'd belt out a new sound. Very comedic. The best was when he actually clapped for himself when he got us all roaring one time.

* When he really locks onto something, he has a will of iron. For example, at our local little waterpark this summer, he got it in his mind that he wanted to try the big waterslide with the big boys. But he is too little. So, for literally 45 minutes, I had to restrain him in my arms from going to that area. Ever so often he'd stop crying, and seem to calm down. I mistakenly put him down to go play elsewhere, but he would beeline for the big slide. It's not that often, maybe once every week or two, but when he decides to be stubborn, he can do it well.

*He is wildly, passionately, a fan of dogs. Sometimes he just watches from our front windows in hopes of seeing one walk by. Then he shakes and almost salivates with excitement.

*His latest word is 'church'. Figures, we practically live there. :)

* For the last few months, his most used word was "yes", said with an adorable little pronunciation. Someone even commented to me that it was a bit strange, since most toddlers' favorite word is 'no'.
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Heritage Days




Our city puts on the coolest living history celebration late each summer at Lake Storey. The first few years we lived here the dates never worked out for us, but last year we got to experience it a bit. It was pretty awesome, and we were able to spend even more time there this year. It is right up my American History loving alley, but I always feel guilty that I don't prep the boys enough beforehand so they could appreciate it even more.
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