Monday, September 17, 2007

Starting to Settle In

Spirits are much better as of today. We had a great day at church yesterday, and especially at youth group last night. Being with the staff and students was just what I needed. Weston and I also decided to nap along with all the boys yesterday and we all ended up sleeping for 3 1/2 hours! I guess we needed it.

We worked for a couple hours last night, and quite a bit today, and made a lot of headway. There is still a lot to do, but it feels much more surmountable. We also got the internet set up (hooray), and all the utilities transferred to our name. Two new friends came by this afternoon to help me unpack/organize all the kitchen items. They were a huge help, and the storage issue there doesn't even seem as bad as I first thought. We even made time for a very pleasant walk down our beautiful street as a family tonight.

The boys all did well today... Caleb had a rough time in his new Sunday School class yesterday, but hopefully will adjust. He also woke up last night and spent most of the night in our bed...
Oh yeah... when we arrived here it was pretty cold... a little scary... But today, it is REALLY hot! Weston is really missing his A/C.
By the way, I just realized that the title of our blog; Our Incredible Journey, kind of sounds like I meant this trip/move... but I named it this a ways back, referring to the incredible journey of our life, the amazing trip God is taking us on! :)

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