Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

Okay, I just might attempt to try catching up on blogging from some of the events of these last 6 weeks... I am starting to come out of the fog, but am also still adjusting to even less sleep than usual, and dealing with 4 little boys cooped up inside during the intense winter weather we've been having. Sigh.

Anyways, here are some pictures from Christmas Eve, right before we headed off to church.

Our family of 7. :)

Ethan, Caleb, and Kellan (notice Aidan sulking in the background with his blankie, never did get a picture of all four)

Ethan, Aidan, and Kellan. Why am I ever surprised when people continually mistake them for triplets?

Quinn, not amused in his Santa Hat.

Right before bed, after opening up their Christmas Jammies. And my, were they wired that night. It was all grandma Joy and I could do to go through the bedtime routines and wrangle them to bed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is so fun to watch the growth of Caleb's understanding and use of language. He is developing quite the sense of humor. We love hearing him use higher vocabulary (even when he doesn't get it quite right) and new expressions. A few recent examples...

Caleb: Mom, would you play checkers with me?

Me: I'd love to, but I'll probably win. (in a fun teasing tone)

Caleb, shrugging his shoulders after some serious pondering and with a twinge of sarcasm: I'm okay with that.

Then, after I hugged and tickled him a bit, telling him what a clever silly kid he was, and I guess I got my hand in his eye a bit, he says with a grin, "Mom, you almost lost my eyesight."

Last week, we were playing a word game at the dinner table, in which you had to think of something, give a couple clues, and then have others guess what you were thinking of, he comes up with this:

"What is white with black spots?" (we guess, a dalmation)
"Another clue? it goes with milk" (we guess, a cookie?)
"Nope," he says, "a cow, goes with milk, get it?"

Another time he was just playing verbally with daddy:
Caleb: I'm thinking of a two letter word.
Weston: it?
Caleb: no
Weston: he?
Caleb: no
Weston: me?
Caleb: no
Weston, sensing this could go on a really long time: okay buddy, I give up, what is it?
Caleb, with a smirk: I'll give you a hint, I was saying it over and over again. "no"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Had to buy a present for Quinn.

We took the older boys to the dollar store to pick out some Christmas presents. Always fun to see what they come up with, and their pride upon giving it. We decided not to have them buy for the one-week old... but Caleb insisted. With his own money, he bought him this lizard (salamander?). He was so excited to wrap it, and give it to him on Christmas morning. And he loves to put it near him whenever he cries. Too sweet.

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Pictures from Quinn's Arrival

Here he is with mommy soon after his birth.

The big boys were SO excited to meet their new little bro. I love this picture, and how it shows the amazement on their faces.

Sweet big brothers.

Finally big brothers.

With Daddy.

With Grandma Joy.