Friday, September 28, 2007

A bit overwhelmed...

We are settling in slowly. Now that Weston has officially started, its been hard to get much more done around the house. I try to do a bit during naps, and some after the kids are asleep, but its tough. He had yesterday off, and that was a very nice relief. He has been working a lot of hours and taking the van, so the boys and I have been going a little stir crazy. To top it off, Aidan has extremely bad diaper rash and an upset tummy, making it pretty much impossible to change his diaper (which he needs often) alone. That's been fun. We're all a bit overwhelmed this week, but realize its a natural part of the process. Glad tomorrow is Saturday.

We did bring the kitchen island, and it helps a LOT! Sometimes I feel the house is not too bad (and actually love parts of it), and other times I want to cry. The only mirror we currently have is on the stairs, as the one in the medicine cabinet fell out and shattered everywhere yesterday. (I think it was about as old as the house anyways, you couldn't see very clearly in it). Plus, the bathrooms tiles on the wall the surround the big claw footed bathtub semi-converted into a shower, have been falling off, little by little.

We did finally find a dining table I love at a store last week. It will take a few weeks to get here, but I'm excited none-the-less.

We might be looking at a house tomorrow. Its fun to drive around the numerous nice streets and look for 'for sale' signs. Its discouraging to think that we could buy a dream house for $250,000 but that is way out of our price range. (I know that is unfathomable to you Californians). Something will turn up, I know. It would just be so much more comforting to have the CA house sell (as I paid both that mortgage and our rent today, yikes).

Caleb went to Awana on Wed. night... and cried. They had to bring him to me, but since I was free I asked if I could just hang out there with him, and he did okay. Not sure if that will be more or less detrimental... He told daddy afterwards that he cried because he loved mommy and missed her and wanted her. I relayed back to him that he couldn't cry next week, and he said, 'but if I do, you'll come'. Gulp. Also, he was awfully squirrelly... but the 3 year olds are mixed in with th 4 year olds so maybe that was partially what made him seem so immature? sigh... Can't wait until he gets to wear that cute little vest though... Still trying to figure out a possible two day a week half day preschool for him. But we also have to find doctors and get that all set up first.
On a positive note, the YMCA here looks great! There is even a pastor's discount... and one cost per family with free childcare! I think we will be joining.

Still on the lookout for another car... We'd love a truck, but now are thinking of maybe just trying to find a cheap car to not have a payment... But, our super nice neighbors actually loaned us one of theirs for the weekend since they are headed out of town.

I know this was a lot of venting... I'm sorry that I needed to get some of it out. I do love it here, and its beautiful. (We get to watch squirrels and bunny rabbits in our backyard everyday, and Caleb has seen some fireflies!) Its just the hard transition period that I tried to gear up for, but knew it was going to be difficult. Probably still my crazy post-pregnancy hormones as well, since my emotions are all over the place.

Hey, milk is more expensive here, crazy, eh?

Other updates: The twins are 6 months old now!!! They can sit up for short periods, and kind of "scoot" around. Doing a bit better eating rice cereal, but still not too fond of the idea. Aidan's vocabulary is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, although he's picked up Caleb's bad habit of asking 'why?' all the time. He's 19 months old and when I tell him something, he retorts back with "why?". On the other hand, he's also learning to respond with "yes mam". And that, coming out of his sweet little mouth, almost evens it out. I've been trying to fit in some "learning" time with Caleb, and he is doing great! I can't believe his attention span! We've been working on numbers, and his Awana verses. He's amazing. Silly trains have still been freaking him out at night though... He's also on a "Transformers" kick, as Grandma Joy got him one for the trip, and he's a whiz at 'transforming' it. I can see how parents can so easily spoil their kids as we are tempted to go buy him more! ...Yesterday I told him at one point what a sweetheart he was, and he looked at me very concerned-like and said, 'but I'm not a heart". He said something else super cute today, that I was going to remember to blog, but now I can't think of it...

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brandy said...

I love this. You are amazing, you know this, right. I miss you. I love the pic of the babys in the wagon. Caleb is looking different to me and I love how they are getting so close. I guess getting Hailey out of the picture helped in there brotherly love