Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the Ansiels in Aberdeen

It was nice to have a day off from travelling, and extremely nice to spend the day with our friends. Jeff, Melissa, Garrett, Danielle, and Josiah Ansiel moved to SD last February due to Jeff's job with 3M. Melissa is a close friend from college, and we had loved getting our kids together for adventures in So Cal. She had never even met Kellan and Ethan yet, and I had missed her Josiah becoming a toddler. They have a beautiful house, and we got to hang out around there and their cute town (although it is in the middle of nowhere). Caleb had a blast with Garrett, Aidan and Josiah got reacquainted, and Danielle loved 'taking care of' the babies. We visited 'Storybook Land' and had our first lunch at a 'Culvers'. It was good to see them, but will make us miss them all over again...

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