Our Story

A little history (the quick version )...
We married in 1999. Amy taught elementary school, and Weston pushed through seminary. We served in Youth Ministry together. After obtaining the 'desired decree', we landed our first full time YM position in Southern California, about 30 miles away from the church we'd been at forever... This was good practice for the move we made 5 years later... to Illinois. (We always knew we wanted to raise our family away from the ratrace and concrete jungle) While in CA, we had our first son, Caleb. (and Amy finally got to realize her dream of being a stay-at-home mom.) He was followed 19 months later by Son #2; Aidan. And 13 months later along came Son#3 (Ethan) and Son#4 (Kellan). Yep, that meant we had 4 children in 32 months. And then we moved cross-country, far away from family, with a just-turned 3 year old, a 18 month old, and 5 month old twins. A little bit insane. I know. Don't worry, we waited 2 more years before have #5, also a boy; Quinn.

And now, God is calling us to add to our family through adoption. And we couldn't be more excited. :)

The bottom line:
* We love Jesus
* We love each other
* We love raising our large family, even though it is super crazy most of the time.
* We love doing Youth Ministry