Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Kind of patriotic of us, eh? Visiting this neat site on today's date...

The town of Rapid City actually seemed to have a lot to do, touristy-wise, but we had only allotted time for the actual main attraction, but we vowed to make a trip back some day.

Mt. Rushmore itself was pretty impressive... We enjoyed seeing it, but didn't do much beside view it and snap a few pictures as it was difficult with our whole crew. The gift shop was fun, but Caleb couldn't be persuaded to get the cool little stuffed President Roosevelt (I figured I'd get Lincoln for Aidan, and I'd be set). Instead, he wanted the cheap snow globe, so that's what they both got...

After lunch, we hit the road and finally made it to Aberdeen around 9:00 CA time, which was 11:00 to our poor friends who waited up to let us in.

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