Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Today we got to visit a very fun drive through Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR. Mommy and Daddy were a little more excited about this than the boys, but Caleb and Aidan did have fun seeing so many animals, especially the ones that were close to the car. Our best views included giraffes, bison, turkey, and an emu. There was also an area to walk around and see some more animals in cages. It was good for them to run some energy off.

We drove for about 4 hours (hitting Portland traffic which was annoying) to Troutdale, where we got to visit the Laffins (Scott, Sherrie, Kelsea, Rusty, and new baby Hunter). We enjoyed a pizza together, and visited some amongst the chaos of our 7 children. It so nice to see them!

Now we are in a hotel in Troutdale, and I think the kids are finally settled in... and its after 10:00. I'm exhausted.


Laura said...

I'm so glad to see that Caleb finally got to go to some sort of zoo. Not the big one in LA, but at least it is something. Glad to see that your trip is going well. You're always in my prayers! Love you all!!!

Sherrie said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to come by. It was so hard for me to let you leave knowing it will be quite awhile before we see each other again. Kelsea keeps asking when you come over again, she doesn't get it. Love you all!!