Monday, September 10, 2007

Rapid City, SD

Today wasn't bad for a travel day, except that I have a yucky stomach bug and was pretty out of it. Weston did an incredible job of handling most of everything/everyone himself. We arrived in Rapid City, SD in early evening, and found a hotel that had an open indoor water park (which Weston and Caleb are currently enjoying) Nothing else very eventful to report on... except that Aidan took a pretty narley fall onto the concrete at a rest stop. But what is one more scrape to that kid?


carly said...

I cannot believe how big the twins are getting! They are so cute! Where is your next stop?:)

Jeff said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! How did you like Billings? I have a good friend who lives there and I've wondered what it is like. It's cool to see you guys enjoying the trip - you guys deserve a good break, even if it is on the road! We love you guys and miss you - keep us informed.


Jeff and Michelle