Saturday, September 8, 2007

Made it to Spokane...

We enjoyed a leisurely morning at the Oxley's farm, and headed out, after emotional goodbyes, after lunch. The kids napped the first leg of today's journey, through the beautiful mountains, but did get rather annoyed that we were still in the car during the late afternoon shift (esp. the twins). We made it though, and even did dinner at Denny's (a feat not to be attempted again anytime soon... although the twins can sit in high chairs now... so cute...). We made it to our hotel by about 9:00. It has a living room, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms! Wow!

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Jeff said...

Hey we miss you guys and are praying for a safe trip! It's cool to see all the pictures and read how things are going. Keep it up!


Jeff and Michelle