Friday, January 25, 2008

oh yeah, helmet

Just realized after that last post that I never really posted about Ethan getting his helmet on Dec. 27th. (Yeah, 4 days before our insurance deductable reset, but that's a whole different story) He's wears it like a trooper. Never complains at all. Doesn't seem to bother him one bit. He wears it full time, even for sleeping, and is just allowed an hour break a day. I try to do a half hour in the AM and a half hour in the PM. The worst part is that it gets pretty sweaty and carries an unpleasant odor despite the frequent cleanings. But its not too bad. We think he looks pretty adorable in it, and its kind of fun to watch other's reactions.

I really want to take a series of Extreme Sports Pictures with him in it, you know, rock climbing, skateboarding, etc. Wouldn't that be cute? :)

almost 10 months

Kellan and Ethan are almost pulling up... probably would be if there was anything in their world to really pull up on... They do like to play standing up if you put them down that way, on the train table, etc. Just wanted to post some quick pictures.
Oh yeah, also wanted to mention how stinkin' cute they are together... especially how they tend to follow each other around and almost always want to play right next to each other... and how they love to share, or 'steal', toys back and forth. Twins are so much fun!!!

Ready for Spring...

Okay, I keep getting asked, "how are you handling your first IL winter?", and, honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Snow here and there, then it would melt. And basically, you were just cold from the building to the vehicle.

But, after this week I am much anticipating spring... It's been around 0 degrees, with a morning low of 11 below! That's crazy cold. Its so cold you don't even warm up in your car, and it takes about 10 minutes to defrost yourself once you are even in a building. Yikes. Luckily, people have been saying this is the worst it gets, and that its even a bit worse than normal. Glad I'm not the only wimp.

Weston and I had a mini-date night on Monday, and it was snowing so hard and was so cold that we just had to laugh as we walked from the car to the restaraunt. Never had a date in a snow storm before!

Caleb is much anticipating spring too. He asks me several times a week, "is it spring yet?" Partially because I happened to mention maybe he'll get to play on a baseball team this spring, and partly because he's so ready to be able to play outside again. Plus, his school was even cancelled yesterday due to the extreme cold. He cried because he really wanted to go. Guess he hasn't caught the concept of the joy that is supposed to accompany 'snow days'. The joy for the kids anyways... :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The simple things...

I wanted to record some of my current favorite moments, because I know how quickly that changes, and I don't want to forget how much I'm enjoying these special times right now!

1. Praying for our meals. Caleb and Aidan are all about holding hands while we pray now, and its so very cute. Usually there ends up with some pulling and squeezing between the two of them, but its worth it. Caleb also usually volunteers Aidan to pray, which Aidan is attempting, but its very slurred... But Caleb really has become quite the good little pray-er, which is so fun.

2. When I say "Bonk" to Ethan, and he bonks his helmeted head into my forehead and just giggles.

3. Kellan will excitedly grab my head/hair with both his little hands and pull me in close to kiss (or really slime) me. It sometimes hurts, but what's a little pain compared to his passionate display of affection.

4. Playing games with Caleb. Several nights, after the others are in bed, we've been playing some games with Caleb. He's caught on quite well, and especially loves 'Candyland', although he did stomp us in 'Go Fish' the other night.

5. Caleb bringing things home from school or Awana. I love looking through his bag with him, and having him proudly tell me about things he made or did. Yesterday he had his first field trip, to the library, and brought home a free book (RIF) and a picture of his class there. He pointed out all his little classmates in the picture.

6. The way Aidan still loves to snuggle with you after he wakes up from a nap. Precious.

Friday, January 11, 2008


One of the neat moments of parenting is when others compliment your kids. It always makes my day when people out in public (who usually notice our large family... kinda hard not to) come over and say what a beautiful family we have, or how well-behaved the boys are.
Anyway, I wanted to record this one because we always give Aidan such a bad rap, since he displays the strongest will (so far) in our house. But, one of the nursery workers at church praised him to us specifically, on his manners, happy disposition, and eagerness to share. It was neat to hear that, and of course we are so proud of our little brute. :) (He seriously is so strong!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love this picture...

Ethan looks like he should be in a Baby Gap Ad, doesn't he?

Dancing Santas

One of my favorite Christmas memories this year came one evening after dinner. Caleb and Aidan had just gotten Santa Hats, and there were actually enough for the whole family, so we all put them on. Reliant K's Christmas Album was on, and Caleb just started dancing around, kind of ska-sytle, and going crazy. Of course, Aidan had to follow suit, and with his Santa hat often falling over his eyes, he was extra adorable. We laughed and danced for the longest time. Very fun.

Grandma Joy

came to visit for Christmas! What a blessing, and what fun, for all of us. We miss her terribly already. We even played in the snow while she was here. Had to share this picture.

Caleb singing in Big Church

Okay, I know I am way behind. The holiday season was wonderful, but even more of a whirlwind than usual. I'm hoping to catch up a little at a time.

Caleb sang in big church in December at the Kid's musical with the other preschoolers. Had to share. They sang, "Go Tell it on the Mountain", and "Happy Birthday Jesus". Wow, have I looked forward to that for just about forever. I cry just watching little kids I don't even know perform... He was a little wiggly, but not too bad. He actually sang most of the words, and did some motions. Our favorite part was when they finished singing Happy Birthday Jesus, and he blew out some pretend candles. Just an automatic response to finishing the birthday song.

And we taped him later at home; and its so cute that you can hear Aidan singing along some too. That was the first time we ever heard him do that. And then, as you'll see, Caleb had to go potty...

You can watch it here: