Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pod Race

It’s 10:30pm and Caleb is still awake… We put him down about two hours ago, but he keeps getting up or crying out… Its frustrating because we are trying to get things done in our precious ‘kid free’ time, but it’s also heart wrenching because part of it is that he doesn’t feel 100%, and a bigger part of it is the new surroundings and all the changes I’m sure. Part of us wants to spank him, and part of us wants to give in to whatever he wants and just hold him close… It was rather funny though this last time he came to the top of the stairs, with his hands covering his ears, “the trains are waking me up”, he says. He’s right, there are a lot of train whistles as constant background noise. I suppose you get used to it.
Today we had many AMAZING people from Bethel come and help us unload the POD. (and I’m not just saying that now that I know some of them have been keeping up with this blog J) They got the whole thing unloaded in a little over an hour. The fridge is working, the washer and dryer are ready in the basement. We were brought some groceries, and muffins, and even baby clothes by the nicest lady (Deb),who actually took Aidan off our hands for a few hours. She said she’s known for being a compulsive clearance rack baby clothes shopper. Awesome! J
We did a big trip to the store in the late afternoon for some needed things; vacuum, broom, cleaning supplies, etc. Its amazing how quickly it all adds up…
We are overwhelmingly surrounded by boxes, and so much to do. But it will get done… with a song in our hearts. Pray for amazing organizational techniques and discernment of what we really “need” for these next few months, and what we can pack back away in the basement.
By the way, I’ll try to keep up with this, but we don’t have access to the internet yet… unless we stand in just the right spot in the house…

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