Monday, September 10, 2007

some cute things

We've seen a lot of motorcycles on this road trip, much to Caleb's delight. There were especially tons throughout the Sturgis area. It's crazy though how there are not helmet laws everywhere. When Caleb sees a guy just wearing a bandana, instead of a helmet, he identifies him as a "pirate" on a motorcycle.

He also cracked us up the other day, when we were talking about where to eat lunch, and he put in his vote that he 'wanted to eat lunch at Disneyland'.

Also, it made us laugh at one point in the car ride today as daddy was buckling him back in after a stop, he asked to watch another movie, and daddy said, "okay, I guess.". Caleb exclaimed very gleefully, "oh, I really thought you were going to say no".

Here's some pictures of the boys having fun in the hotel.

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