Sunday, September 9, 2007

Home on the range...

Long travel day today... Spokane to Billings, Montana. Beautiful drive though, through part of Idaho and then Montana, which neither one of us have ever been to. We've sure seen a lot of cowboy hats!
The boys all did really well today, for which we are so thankful. We stopped at two fast food places with great playplaces. One had a group of teenagers 'hanging out' in it, which seems a little tacky, but we laughed at how Caleb and Aidan flocked right to them. They are sure used to being around "students". The teenagers were great with them, also.
We chose a hotel with an indoor water slide area... only to get here and find out it is closed due to 'remodelling'. But, they told us we could use similiar amenenities at a hotel across town, which we might hit in the AM.

One neat thing we've noticed is that Caleb and Aidan seem to be really bonding as brothers on this trip. Maybe Caleb is finally bored enough to accept Aidan as a playmate? Whatever his reason, its very cute, and very nice as they are doing quite well playing together, especially wrecking havoc around the hotel room.

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