Friday, March 25, 2011

We've got a walker!

Quinn finally realized, "hey I can do this!". And off he went. With his cute little arms held up and flapping, kinda like a t-rex.

So so proud of himself.

Oxley Walking Stats:
DS1: 12 months
DS2: 9 months
DS3: 16 months
DS4: 16.5 months
DS5: 15 months

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skate Night, anyone?

Don't you just remember the nights at a rink while you were in elementary school? Or maybe even those "couple skates" in junior high, when the rink was the coolest place you could actually 'go' to?

Our church has an Awana Skate Night a couple times a year, and our boys love it. I'll admit, I was really nervous before the first time. Two parents (and me very pregnant) and four little boys who can't skate. Sounds like a recipe for diaster.

What I didn't think about was that they can tighten the wheels for the little ones, and make it possible for them to skate, er... walk/skate, on their own. And it tires them out immensely.

So much fun. Especially being there surrounded with church family.

Raising a Reader

I cannot even begin to describe just how tickled I am that I finally have a kid who is old enough to 'sit and read', and that he enjoys it!

So proud of your skills little man! You are a boy after your momma's heart.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quinn's Chuckle

This son of ours has the best giggle/chuckle I've ever heard. It comes from deep inside,and permeates his whole being. It is heard when he sees something that makes him extremely happy. Such as... an animal, a bathtub ready for a bath, food, the silly faces of his brothers... Or at certain moments... when you open his bedroom door in the AM, when you catch him doing something he shouldn't, and especially when his mommy picks him up from the nursery.

What a chuckle.