Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I haven't got around to blogging much about the twins yet, but had to share this. We picked up our new van today, an amazing blessing. I had been talking it up with Caleb, and he was very excited to ride in it. Once we were on the road, he said in an excited voice, "Yay, let's go see the twins!". It took me a second to figure out that when I had been talking about the van with him I told him it was "for the twins", and his mind didn't quite grasp that. How absolutely sweet and adorable though, that he was so excited thinking he was going to get to meet them today!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Banana Moon

Just a quick cute moment from tonight... I took Caleb grocery shopping with me, and in the car on the way there he started talking about a banana. Finally I realized he was saying, "look, a banana moon", because it was a crescent moon. How cute is that?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


We were so excited to take the boys camping for the first time at the end of August. El Capitan State Beach Campground is a wonderful facility located very close to the shore. Our new 3-room tent worked wonderfully, with the boys sleeping better than we even expected. Caleb loved his inflatable spaceship sleeping bag/bed, and Aidan slept in the pack-n-play. We stayed 3 nights. Caleb loved being outdoors, favorite memories include; climbing a tree with daddy, playing with this cool stick he found, having a tree frog jump on his arm, feeding the blue jays, standing on the rocks as the waves splashed in, eating s'mores, playing with the flashlights, sitting in his own little fold-up chair, hearing the train pass by on the nearby tracks, gazing at the stars while lying on a blanket, and hiking around proudly in his new "Diego" boots. Mommy loved waking up in the tent, with each child joining us to cuddle on our air mattress as they awoke. We also got to visit the Santa Barbara Zoo one afternoon, with the highlight of feeding the giraffes.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Go Diego Go

Caleb's become a huge fan of the cartoon "Go Diego Go". Diego is the boy cousin of "Dora the Explorer". He had watched Dora with his friend Hailey, and really liked it. I thought it was well done (lots of interactive learning), but wasn't sure about him liking a girlish cartoon. Lucky for us, they started this spin-off recently, and he loves it! Diego is an Animal Rescuer. They've just started really marketing him too. I didn't think I'd ever buy "character" shoes/clothing. But, I caved. He loves his "Diego Shoes" so much, and luckily, they're done pretty well as cute hiking boots. Grandma Joy bought him a cute Diego shirt. He got to wear both to Hailey's Dora Party. I love seeing his enthusiasm!