Friday, July 27, 2007

this twin or that?

Its fun to see Kellan and Ethan's developing personalities... I thought it'd be fun to record what I see every so often and then be able to see if the observations continued to ring true.

Ethan: He is a little more social. Our little outgoing, gregarious, charmer. He doesn't want to miss out on anything, and is usually the one to be awake more often when we are out and about. His smile lights up his whole face and is most often accompanied by wiggling arms and legs. If I am nursing them both together, he does not like to be underneath Kellan at all. He'll squirm and kick, and karate chop Kellan in the head. He also gets really scared and stiff if I carry him down the stairs too quickly. I have to take them very slowly.

Kellan: He is more laid back, and has the sweetest little sly grin. It melts my heart. "Sweet" seems to describe him very well. He's more content to just take things in as they come, and will sleep through more outings. His mantra is more like "whatever". I feel he will be a stable, loyal, dependable guy.

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