Monday, July 16, 2007

Tender Heart

Aidan seems to have such a sweet tender heart towards the twins. He loves to (self-initiates even) give them kisses, and usually makes sure to kiss each of them. He often lays down near them, and so on. When we leave the house it takes me several trips to get them all loaded in the van, and today, as I was carrying him and leading Caleb out, Aidan asked, "babies?", like I just might be forgetting them. :) Yesterday, it was so very cute when I observed this: Kellan was in the bouncy seat fussing a bit, and the fussing drew Aidan's attention, so he went over and climbed in the other bouncy and "played" with him. Today he did the same for Ethan, in the Bumbo seat. You can also tell by the picture that he likes to bring them toys.

Oh yeah, in case you're thinking its all peaches... I will admit that although he has good intentions, he doesn't realize his own strength and can easily turn a nice pat into a whack, or worse. Poor Kellan has tended to get the brunt of it here and there...

And here's a picture of Caleb being adorable with Kellan, also self-initiated. He is almost always an ideal big brother to them... Regarding Aidan, that's a whole different story.


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