Monday, July 23, 2007

His Daddy's Son

Weston has succeeded (without much effort at all really) in making Caleb into a huge Star Wars fan, already. Caleb LOVES to watch "Daddy's movies", and especially, to play "Daddy's video game" (Lego Star Wars) (and he is alarming talented at the game already, which is a bit unnerving). He also loves his Star Wars toys, especially the Light Sabers. His favorite imaginary play involves passionately knocking down Lego "robots" with them, making quite a mess I might add. He even has a shirt that reads, "Future Jedi". After watching the sad part of Episode I where Annakin is saying goodbye to his mother, Caleb was commenting on how sad it was. I agreed, and asked him if he'd ever say goodbye to me like that and leave. He responded, basically, that of course he would if it meant he was going on a space ship to be a Jedi! I also was explaining to him the other day about what an astronaut was, and mentioned maybe he could be one when he grew up. He pretty much told me he was not interested, because he is going to be a Jedi.
Oh yeah, even Aidan is beginning to be a big fan. He loves to see "robots" also and can sing the Darth Vader music fairly well.

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