Saturday, July 14, 2007

They found each other!

Okay, here goes... I'm diving into the world of blogging... Let's see if I'll be able to figure this out, and more importantly, keep this up (ha).

I feel as if Ethan and Kellan have discovered each other this week! (They are 3 1/2 months old) I've caught them smiling at each other, and "carrying on a conversation" in baby babble. And they've been consistently sleeping in such a way that they have to be touching... Today, when I went to get them from their crib after their morning nap, they were all snuggled and Ethan was sucking on Kellan's arm. (which further adds to the dilemma of just when to seperate them for sleep....) It is SO stinkin' cute I can hardly handle it! Two babies at once is definitely a sweet deal!

And oh yeah, both of them roll over now... Took Kellan a couple days longer to figure it out, but he did. Kellan also really found his voice this week- he can go on and on, pretty animatedly!

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Amy said...

Where's the world of "bogging" and can I go too?

Great stuff by the way.

I love you,