Thursday, July 26, 2007

melt my heart

Caleb redeemed himself in the middle of a exhausting shopping experience last night.
I had to go pick up the twins' pictures at Sears last night, and I wanted to look at some clothes while I was there. I had brought Caleb and Ethan along, leaving the other two with Daddy, and thinking it wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong. Caleb had a horrible attitude, whining about everything, pitching a royal fit, throwing one of his shoes out of the cart (which I noticed 10 minutes after the fact, and luckily found it after another 5 minutes of retracing our steps), and falling and bonking his head big time right as it was our turn to pay at the check out counter. Anyway, I had dragged them both into the dressing room with me so that I could try a couple of things on... Caleb was entertaining himself in the mirror, when all of a sudden he turned around and looked at me, and said, in a singsong little voice, "Oh, Mommy, you look so beautiful! You are a princess!" and then he came and gave me a big hug. I guess he hasn't seen me in a skirt very often, eh? It was pretty endearing.

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