Sunday, July 15, 2007

out of sorts

Aidan has had a slight fever and has not just been himself this weekend. And to make matters worse, Weston has been in IL for 3 days. To make matters even worse, he is currently stuck in Chicago; having missed a connection due to a delayed flight. Can I survive one more night and morning? Right now it feels pretty insurmountable. You know how you countdown the hours... and then the countdown is negated... Kind of like running a marathon, and completing the last turn expecting to see the finish line, and instead you see a sign posted that reads 'sorry, the finish line has been moved. only 2 more miles to go. " Ugh... We'll be fine, I'm sure, but I needed to vent. Also, I might have to report to jury duty tomorrow, because they didn't accept my mailed in "request to be excused" (due to providing care for my 4 small children and being a nursing mom). How crazy is that? Weston thinks I should just cart them all down there with me to make a point, but I can't get past the thought of trying to manage to get all of us through the security check point.

Anyways, Aidan has been very needy... poor little guy. Not sure if its teeth or not. No runny nose or other symptoms. Thankfully, Brandy had taken Caleb for over 24 hours, leaving me a lot more free to give Aidan the extra attention. And the twins have been pretty good.

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