Thursday, July 19, 2007

I wish I could...

Lately, Caleb has been cracking us up with the method he's locked onto using to express his "wants". We thought he, like most kids, would use the annoying, whiny, "I want that!" type of approach. But no, our smart little manipulator deduced that it would be much more advantageous to say rather nonchalantly, in a really sweet voice, "I wish I could have ___________", or "I sure wish I could go to _________". Recently, he caught sight of a car wash and was intrigued with how it worked/looked. He tried his sweet little wishful thinking technique, and hey, it sounded fun, so we drove through one on the way home. It was worth the few dollars just to watch Caleb and Aidan's faces as the machine came over and washed our car. Very fun. But don't worry, we don't cave every time, and our van was awfully dirty anyways. :)

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