Monday, September 8, 2008

Stearman Fly In Days

Way cool. I think the first week in September is going to be one of our family's favorite weeks of the year. Last year, we missed it by a week. (yeah, can you believe we've been here almost a year????) This year, there was no way we could've missed it. Our little airport hosts the National Stearman Fly-In, and has for the past 37 years. What it basically entails is pilots flying their vintage planes (mainly biplanes) from all over the U.S. They meet up for the camaraderie and they also participate in many different competions, and basically just have fun showing off their airplanes. What this means for the town is that you get to see awesome planes flying overhead all week, and the Airport puts on a nice little 'festival' of sorts with a narrated tram ride, etc. We took the boys on Saturday, but the best part of the week for us, was getting a personal invite out to our friends' property (they are into aviation and have an airstrip in their cornfield) the day they host a cookout lunch for any pilots who fly in. We got to see tons of planes up close, and watch them land and take off as we stood 15-20 feet away. And they did some awesome fly bys, including some in formation, and some doing stunts. And to top it all off, Caleb got to sit in one!!! (Aidan chickened out) It was amazing!

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SUSANNA said...

Glad your September is off to such a fun and great start! Do you miss teaching? :)