Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning Time

I have been having such a good time doing "learning time" with Caleb and Aidan. It's the teacher in me, I know. But it's so fun watching them grasp new concepts, play with learning, and feel successful. I'm trying to be careful not to push too hard, or expect too much, and I watch them closely for signs of boredom or frustration, as I don't want any negative emotions attached to it. But, they are enjoying it! Maybe it is partially the one-on-one mommy time, which is rare in a house full of brothers. I wouldn't even have started with Aidan yet, except that he begged for it. The twins also, get their own simple version of it once in awhile.

Yesterday I overheard Caleb call out to Aidan. "It's learning time, Aidan, come here." Aidan obliged and went over to Caleb, and I got to observe Caleb playing teacher, and Aidan playing the dutiful student, for about 10 minutes. They were looking at a phonics book, and later went over to the table to use some of our other 'learning supplies'. Adorable.

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