Friday, September 26, 2008


Weston was looking for a picture of Aidan to steal from my blog for something at church, and he said he couldn't really find a good recent one, of just him. So of course I have to remedy that!

And to share a little about him lately...

He likes to be right. Even if he isn't, he makes a word compromise so that in his mind he still is. Example:
Looking at a picture, Mommy: Aidan, what's that called?
Aidan: a chair
Mommy: No, that is called a bench.
Aidan: Oh, a bench-chair.
Getting up after his nap, Aidan: Mommy, is it the morning?
Mommy: No, Aidan, it's the afternoon.
Aidan: Oh, the afternoon-morning.

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Laura said...

Very adorable! I sure do miss my little men in Illinois! - Aidan, I am very proud of your new big boy talents (using the potty, spleeping in a big boy bed). Have mommy give you a giant hug from me. - Give a big squeeze to each of the others as well. So many accomplishments in just a short amount of time. That deserves a group hug!!!