Monday, September 22, 2008

One more out of diapers! Hooray!!!

Aidan is pretty much completely potty trained!!! Woot woot! With his strong will, I was anticipating either a pretty easy journey, or an impossible one. Fortunately for me, he chose the former. We'd been thinking of trying it for awhile now, but knew that our schedule needed to be normal again, so that there would be consistency enough in the little guy's life to conquer this new task. September finally brought back "normalcy" and "routines". We're still busy, but at least its predicatable busy.
Anyway, two weeks ago we began on Monday (since Daddy was home), and began by setting the time to 'check for dry and clean' every 5 minutes and making a trip to the potty about every 15. I felt like my life was dictated by that timer for the week. The process also took quite a toll on my body, leaving me sore and achy, from having to bend down, sit on the bathroom floor to read book after book, etc.

Day one wasn't too bad, but not too encouraging either. A few accidents, a first success. But day two was a bit better, and day three showed tons more self control. By week two he was having no accidents all day, except for a minor setback on his first playdate, but hey, its hard to learn to keep track of bodily functions while playing hard with a friend. And now, 2 weeks later, I'm pretty confident he's fully there. He's even staying dry during naps and at night!!!! And, this may be too much information, but he's had a bit of 'tummy trouble' this evening, and still managed to stay on top of that! I think we'll try him in the 'big boy' class for Sunday School next week. You have to be potty-trained to move out of the nursery area and downstairs to the real classrooms.

We are so proud of him! Aidan, you are amazing! (and yeah, the Thomas underwear, and especially the Thomas Train Table and Trains that a generous friend at church passed down to us, helped motivate him immensely!)

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The Laffin Family said...

YEAH!! I'm so jealous, Rusty has no interest in the bathroom!!