Thursday, September 25, 2008

Other "big boy" news...

As of last Saturday, we finally got a twin bed set up for Caleb, and transitioned Aidan to the toddler bed. Poor kid has been in a pack-n-play since we moved in. He's been doing great. I continue to be amazed at how independent he is. Part of it is just who he is, and part of it is watching Caleb, I'm sure, but he's much more focused (and often successfull) on the "I do it myself" mentality. Today I was downstairs preparing dinner when I heard the toilet flush. After a quick moment of panic (Neither Weston nor Caleb were home), I realized it was Aidan. He had woken up from his nap, and headed straight for the bathroom to take care of business, all by himself. By the time I was upstairs he had pulled his underwear and pants up all by himself. Caleb is still lazy about that sometimes!

Here are pictures of their first night in their new beds. (keep in mind these are only temporary because Weston still has a vision of building a castle bunk bed in there!)

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