Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Preschool started today for Caleb, finally. I only say that because it was supposed to start last Wednesday, and after gearing him up for it, we got a call late Tue. afternoon saying that they are postponing it for a week due to bus driver shortages. That was rough on the poor kid!

Anyway, he is attending a different location of Headstart this year, due to our move, and has to have a different teacher (sniff). But, we did get to meet her as she did a home visit already, and that helped Caleb a lot. While she was here she shocked him by admitting she had never watched any Star Wars movies, but redeemed herself when she put on his Optimus Prime Helmet to 'play' with him a bit.

He got a bit overemotional at times today, I could tell it was affecting him a bit. Even had one "I don't want to go to school" meltdown, but I think it was a little more aimed at the thought of Aidan having access to all the toys while he was gone. We took him out for a special Pizza Hut lunch (had to use their library reward coupons before they expired), and then took him to school (busing situation still not worked out). By that time he was excited to see his new classroom and classmates. I walked him in, and he did great. His classroom was cute, and a bit larger than his old one. We recognized one little boy from his baseball team. Caleb had not a care in the world about me leaving, but I'll admit I teared up a little. Can't wait to hear all about it.

I found the neatest picture spot in the backyard, problem is, the lighting would be best there at about 8AM. Ha.

For those of you who know Caleb well, this about sums him up. He can sure be a silly boy. After making him take so many serious pictures today, I let him 'let loose'. Hope he doesn't do that on school picture day.

This one is in the hallway by the front office.
And this one is inside his new classroom! Pray for him as he comes to mind!

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