Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Loving Small Town America

Rumor has it, we might have one of the biggest Labor Day parades in the US. (Although there is probably not much competition, I know). But how fun is it that we have several fun small town parades a year? Think Glendora's Christmas Parade (for those of you who grew up in Glendora, or a town like it, with me). Tons of friendly people lining the sidewalks of Galesburg's cute downtown area. Firetrucks, neat old vehicles, makeshift 'floats', marching bands, boy scout troops, gymnastics schools, etc. The boys had a blast, especially because they throw so much candy out for the kids to scramble after. Seriously, tons of candy. And the coolest thing this time, was the vintage planes flying overhead. More on that later.
I only have one picture really, but it gives you a sense of things, and its extra cool because the guy driving it, doing his "parade wave", is our friend Brad. He's on our high school volunteer staff.

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