Friday, April 21, 2006

More about Caleb

Just a couple of more cute, and not so cute, things about Caleb...
* Yesterday, when I was brushing his hair as he sat on the bathroom counter, he said, "other Caleb" and pointed in the mirror. Cute!
* A few months ago he started his guitar fascination. He loves them! We had an old one in the house for awhile that he loved to play (until it got way too annoying and we hid it in the garage... but I did get him a kid one to play whenever...). When he sees one somewhere else, in a picture, or a youth group, he goes crazy... And even when he hears one on the radio, he says 'guitar'.
* Lately, with the warmer weather, we've gotten to play outside more often. He LOVES it! Especially his basketball hoop on the patio... And blowing bubbles, and riding on the bicycle with daddy! Now that he is getting older, there is just SO many fun things to do!
* With increasing age also comes increasing independence... yesterday, for the first time, he went up and down the stairs by himself, without permission. We don't allow him to do that, and so far, he'd been really good about obeying... Scary that he decided to "test" this now. It is so hard to discipline your child when they are in the "exploratory" mode, and not seemingly defiant, but it could be so dangerous!!! At what age do we let him come and go upstairs/downstairs as he pleases? I don't know...

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