Monday, April 17, 2006

Busy Weekend!

It was nice today to not do much, except the grocery store... We had a very busy last week and weekend!
On Saturday, Caleb and I met our friends Donna and Paul at California Adventure. (Weston spent the day with Aidan!) Donna's husband had to work and couldn't use the second part of his "twofer" pass, so I got to take advantage of it! Who's going to turn down Disneyland for free? Caleb had never done rides before, except a carousel... It was rainy as we entered the park, but thankfully cleared up for the rest of the day. We did the "kiddie" rides, and Caleb was pretty wary, but did okay. He even said "again" after the ladybug teacup ride, and "more" after the caterpillar train. We also did the big ferris wheel and their "Under the Sea" carousel, which he has learned to love. After lunch we watched the "Aladdin" play in an incredible theater; he was mesmerized!
We got home around 4:15, and then headed to Kristin Hartley's 3rd Birthday party. It was fun finally going to one of their parties and having a kid old enough to play on all their fun toys.
Sunday was Easter. My boys looked very handsome in their coordinating outfits! After church, we headed to Grandma Joy's for a fun afternoon of fellowship and food, plus the Laker Game. Caleb did really well in the egg hunt Grandma set up for him.
We still haven't found time to color our Easter Eggs... Good thing Caleb doesn't really know the difference...

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