Thursday, April 6, 2006

Caleb's First Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, one of the main reasons I finally conformed to the Myspace delirium is so that I would be more motivated/disciplined to journal about my amazing kids, and the experiences we have day in and day out. So here goes!

Today Caleb and I went to Heritage Park to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck put on by my God's Moms Bible Study. It is pretty crazy how, as a parent, you get SO excited about the "firsts" in your kids' lives. He really wasn't old enough to do much more than stick a plastic egg in his mouth last year, or maybe throw it (he always has had quite the arm), but this year, he could hunt! There were 5 toddlers just about his age searching for 60 eggs (we each brought 12, so it was easy to do the math, I didn't actually count them), and yeah, I guess "searching" isn't really the right word... it was more like "stumbling upon". They were all pretty adorable, and Caleb did get the idea to pick up the egg... but he quickly also got the idea that there was candy in the egg... therefore it was much more fun to open the egg and dump the candy everywhere, than to put it in the basket and search for the next egg. Oh well, it's a start... All in all, it was a fun morning, even with several toddler meltdowns when he couldn't do exactly what he wanted in exactly his own way...

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