Friday, April 14, 2006

Another Egg Hunt?

Today we enjoyed another Spring Party, this time with the Mom's Club. I joined this club for stay-at-home moms in North Fontana when Caleb was about 4 months old. We haven't attended many events, but I am so grateful for the playgroup we got going, and the babysitting coop. I have developed some neat relationships and am so thrilled that Caleb has friends his age. Anyway, today we had a potluck/egg hunt at one of the member's house (a beautiful house). Caleb especially loved playing in the backyard (with their basketball hoop, of course), until the storm rolled in.
The extra-fun part about the get-together was that Brandy and Hailey joined us, and will be joining the club also. Now that our kids are old enough to enjoy the activities offered, it will be fun to get more involved.
Tonight we are attending the 5:00 Good Friday service, and then I'm serving in the nursery for the 7:30 one.
Tomorrow, I get to take Caleb to California Disney!!! Donna Becker had a free pass, so we will get to experience it with her and Paul!!! How fun!

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