Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow

We've had a few days with a few snowflakes falling here and there, but Sunday morning we woke up to a definite snow cover. And this AM it was even more beautiful. What is even more beautiful? The fact that we have an attached garage. This California girl is SO very thankful for that.

After a very lengthy process of digging out snow boots/clothes and seeing just what sizes I had, Caleb and Aidan were very excited to play outside, and even to shovel the sidewalk with their new snow shovels.

Side note on the snow clothes: I was thrilled to find that I had snow outfits for all the boys in just the right sizes. I'd picked up a pair here and there, at a yard sale, the thrift store, etc (even found brand new Stride Rite matching snow boots for the twins many months ago for a dollar each!), but I hadn't paid too much attention to my assortment of sizes. The only thing I was lacking was boots for Aidan. He should have had Caleb's from last year, but I bought Caleb's big so he could wear them for two years. Guess that's not such a smart strategy when you've got kids so close in age. But, I stopped by the Kids Consignment store today, and found some great ones for Aidan. Ironic too, that when I got home and looked at them more closely, I noticed that the previous owners name was written inside them; Aidan. Crazy, eh? God sure takes care of us, even in the smallest details!


Sherrie said...

How exciting to get real snow. We get a little dusting but nothing sticks around.

SUSANNA said...

Love this post!