Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just for fun...

Kellan (L) and Ethan are picking up more and more words.
-Lately, they love to call out to Caleb and Aidan, "Guys!" Must have heard mommy say that a lot, I'm afraid.
-In the Drive-Thru at Taco Bell, one of them requested, clear as a bell, "cheesy roll".
-Ethan recently confirmed that he wanted more "applesauce" with a loud clear pronunciation of the word.
-I was reading a chunky board book to Kellan yesterday, all about trucks. I would turn a page, read the technical name of a truck, such as "digger", and Kellan would say "truck". The next page was "Cement Mixer", and Kellan replied, "truck", and so on, all the way through the book. It was pretty cute.

And lastly, to further illustrate Aidan's "I always have to be right, or at least acquiesce on my own terms" personality... He and Caleb were chugging down their milk at dinner the other night (not a contest we encourage, mind you), and upon finishing, Caleb exclaimed, "I beat you!" to Aidan. Aidan, with his gruff little reply, brow furrowed and lower lip stuck out, responded vehemently, "NO, you beat ME!"


Sherrie said...

I can't believe how big the twins are,they were just rolling around a year ago and now they are talking?!

SUSANNA said...

They wouldn't be your kids if they weren't smart! :) And Aidan and Asher seems to continue to have a lot in common. My two raced to the top of the stairs and although Asher was clearly in second, he was yelling "No, I won!" so emphatically that Toby finally said, "Okay, you won..."