Sunday, December 21, 2008

Icicles on our icicles,,,

It is REALLY cold today. The sign at church says -1, but with the wind chill factor it is -25 at least. I have never before experienced cold like that. And I hope never to again! (ha) Seriously, this is some kind of cold for a girl from So Cal. Have I mentioned I am SO SO thankful for my attached garage?

We had an ice storm a couple of days ago, leaving the most beautiful glistening ice everywhere. It looks incredibly spectacular to see ice formed over every branch of a tree like that. Gorgeous. Wish I had a better picture to do it credit. These were taken from inside the house. Brrr...

Oh yeah... a few mishaps in the last 24 hours... Our automatic van door stopped working, making it very difficult to load/buckle kids in, one of our front house windows cracked (because of the cold? That's all we can figure.), one of our bathroom faucets stopped working, and we encountered a bat (yes, eeks, a bat!) in our basement last night. Weston got it out (with a butterfly net), but the emotional damage was done. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go into the basement alone again. And that's where the laundry is. Gulp.

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