Sunday, November 30, 2008

A few things I love about this picture...

1. My sweet twin boys look kind of like thugs.
2. It is not a great picture, but it reflects a normal moment of a typical day. (they are tired, and watching "Praise Baby")
3. Their shoes. They are not even theirs. They both have on a pair of Aidan's. Let me explain a bit. Kellan(R) has developed a fascination for shoes recently. (Sound like anyone else? Aidan.) He wants to be wearing some pretty much at all times. Most of the time they are not even his. He just heads over to the shoe basket, or the closet, selects some, and puts them on. He has actually gotten pretty good at putting them on, which is a definite perk. It only gets frustrating when he trips over some big clonkers (daddy's or mine) or whines when one falls off every few minutes. Anyway, he's convinced Ethan to conform lately, and this picture shows that.
4. Ethan's handheld game. It belongs to Caleb, but Ethan latched onto it this particular hour. Had to have it 'on' and kept pretending to play. Love how they mimic their big brothers, even when C and A are not around.
5. Kellan's hat. Yep, like Aidan, he also loves to wear hats.
6. Kellan's thumb in his mouth. Haven't really thought about how/when I will ever attempt to break that habit, but it sure is sweet for now. And it sure pacifies them when they are sleepy.
7. The adorable way they are leaning into each other, absolutely comfortable invading each other's space, because hey, they shared a womb for 9 months.

And one thing I don't like about this picture... My babies are barely even babies anymore! I can't believe they are 20 months old!!!!! And huge!!!!

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