Friday, May 23, 2008

Top Moments of My Day

I was just reading an article that reminded me to appreciate the many sweet moments in a day rather than fretting over the tough ones. That, in addition to the the overwhelming way my heart is grieving for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family, made me want to stop for a minute, and be truly thankful.

* Snuggling with Caleb and Aidan on the couch for about 30 minutes while watching a Franklin movie, which we rented for free.
* Hearing/watching Caleb sound out some words. He is beginning the journey of reading!
*Talking with Caleb before we both fell asleep at nap time today, about rhymes, opposites, synoymns. His mind is a sponge, and he can be so cleverly funny!
*Taking a nap!
*Playing on the floor with Kellan and Ethan and just soaking in their synchronized giggles.
*The intense book time that began with me by myself by the bookshelf attempting to straighten it up, and ended with all 4 boys climbing on and around me begging for book after book and leaving an even bigger mess than we started with.
*The satisfaction of watching all 4 boys DEVOUR something somewhat healthy for lunch today; sweet potato fries!
* Hearing my husband tell me I'm beautiful. (at least to him, phew...)
* Actually getting up early enough to have breakfast by myself and spend a little time with God.
* (this is from yesterday, but it still had to make the list) Hearing Caleb sing (off-tune)a sweet praise song that he had stuck in his head all day, "God you are my God, and I will ever praise you."

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