Thursday, May 22, 2008


It started with a question at dinner one night, "Daddy, is there a room in the new house for me to paint?". For the next week, Caleb was locked onto the idea of helping to paint. Even his bus driver mentioned how much he had been talking about it. While Grandpa Alan and Aunt Robin were here, working on the house, he was getting even more anxious to go "work on the house" himself. So finally, on Monday night, we brought the boys over there and let him and Aidan give painting a whirl. (Of course it was just primer, over the bright orange stripes in what will be the twins' room). They did so good! I was surprised with just how serious they took it, and how long it kept their attention! And the worst of the mess was just a little paint Aidan ended up with on his arm, and in his ear...

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