Thursday, May 1, 2008

Caleb's "Art Show"

Caleb had his Open House for preschool. They called it an "art show". It was so very cute. We all trooped in his classroom, and right by the door was his "section of the wall"; with a life size tracing of him, and lots of colorful art work. She's such a sap, but Mommy had to choke back the tears. We looked all around the room, Aidan liked the play phone and the cookies the best. After we left, we introduced the tradition of going out for ice cream after open house... So very fun, and Aidan even had his first ice cream cone all too himself. He didn't even make that big of a mess.
We're so very proud of Caleb!!!!

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SUSANNA said...

So funny the similarities between Aidan and Asher. When I drop Tobiah off at preschool, and Asher gets away from me, he makes a beeline straight to the play telephones. It is his favorite thing!

And he loves cookies and ice-cream cones too! :) But, who doesn't?