Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spiritual Things

Caleb has really been grappling with "spiritual things" recently. He's been trying to wrap his head around some of the aspects of God. How come we can't see God? How come we can talk to God but we don't hear him talk to us? Does everyone go to Heaven?

Today, his Sunday School teacher stopped me after service to share a sweet moment that happened during class. She said it was pretty quiet at one point, and they heard Caleb say in a very sweet clear voice to his friend, "Aren't you so happy that Jesus died on the cross for you?" She said all the adults in the room pretty much teared up at that. Mommy did too.

On the way home from church in Daddy's car, they drove by "our" house. Daddy reminded Caleb that it might be our new house pretty soon if God decided that He wanted us to have it. So Caleb said, "I'll ask God if He wants us to have it.". Then he prayed aloud, "Dear Jesus, do you want us to have this house? Amen." Then he told Weston, "God said 'yes'", and Weston asked, "Did he say yes to you in your heart?" and Caleb replied "yes". Then Caleb launched into a story about how the other day in bed he heard his stomach say "feed me".

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