Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A look into his world.

I got to spend the neatest afternoon with Caleb on Monday. I rode the bus with him to his preschool, and spent the afternoon there. I basically shadowed him throughout all his activities, and got to meet his precious little friends. It was a very neat experience, and he was thrilled to have mommy there, though he got a bit jealous when many of the other kiddos wanted my time as well.

I loved seeing how he interacted in that environment. He was a tad spacey, but he sat still, followed directions, and answered questions well. The other kids seemed to enjoy him. I was actually very relieved to see that although he wasn't a strong leader, he wasn't very timid either. We ate lunch, sang songs, read books, played in the learning centers, played outside, made a craft, etc.

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