Monday, April 7, 2008

a house at last?

Wanted to fill you all in on what's developed this past week in regards to us buying a house. Last Tuesday night, a house we'd already looked at, loved, and tried to buy twice before was relisted, again. This is the third time we've seen it listed. The first time, the buyer backed out because they found out it had been winterized wrong, and the pipes had burst, leaving a pretty expensive problem. The second time, the buyer had to back out because they couldn't get financing. Each time before when we went to make an offer, we were too late. This time we jumped on it first thing in the AM, and by Thursday evening we found out that they accepted our offer. (and each time they've relisted the price has dropped, hooray!). So now, we're in the middle of escrow, but there are so many variables and contingencies that we are still not celebrating... We are very nervous that things could still go wrong. It is a foreclosure/repossesion, so that also complicates things a bit. One big hurdle is in regards to financing... some companies won't even talk with us since the house is currently deemed 'unlivable' due to no running water. However, we can't fix it until we own it, so it's kind of silly. We think we've found a bank that will do it (side note, applying for a loan in a small town bank is SO different than So Cal... ) and also have a back-up plan if that doesn't pan out.

Its a great house, plenty big, 4-5 bedrooms, full basement and walk-up attic... Great recently remodeled kitchen (even granite countertops!), attached garage, nice yard with a play structure... It would be wonderful for us. Great neighborhood, close to the church, feeds to a great elementary school, and on and on. Built in 1920, brick, hard wood floors

Today we had a thorough inspection of the house and a plumbing estimate. The bank also had an appraisal done, and the bank loan officer herself came out for a 'walk through'. Weston got to be there for a lot of it and it seems things went pretty well. The plumbing might not be as expensive as we'd thought. But, it looks like it will need a new roof. We are still getting an estimate about a cooling system done as well.

Now we just wait. We have a few more paperworky things to do, but mainly its in God's hands now. Not like it hasn't always been.

Hope I'm not allowing myself to get too excited.

Our closing date would be April 23rd. They want to rush things through as quickly as possible.

Anyways, all this to say, we covet your prayers!!!!

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