Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Last Friday, the 18th, we closed on the house, with everything going smoothly. We couldn't believe it as we drove off with the keys in our hands. It is ours! God is amazingly good to us, which we all know full well, but are still blindsided by now and then.

Now, the work begins... Our to do list is ever so long. The good news is that the boiler was fine, but we do need 3 replacement radiators. (basically rare, hard to find cast iron antiques). The plumbing is being fixed by our wonderful friend. He has been working hard all weekend. We have to decide on a cooling system, get a roof estimate, and do a bazillion things inside. But, it will get done. (it will, won't it?) Who knows when we'll move in... We were hoping the end of May, but... Pray for us!


carly said...

congrats!!! i keep checking back for an update on the house! i didn't want to ask, in case you didn't get it! God is good!:)

SUSANNA said...

Yeah!! I've been praying and purposely checked your blog to see if you got the house! Congratulations!