Monday, November 10, 2008

More Caleb Moments

Weston said that the other day as he and Caleb were outside waiting for the bus, Caleb looked up at the sky, and yelled as loud as he could, "Hi God!"

Last week,in Sunday School, Caleb was learning about being a servant. I was so impressed at his application of the lesson that night. We were getting out of the van, and we had a student staying the night with us, and Caleb spoke up all excited, "Mommy, can I please carry Ali's bag to house? I want to serve her." Then he said to Aidan (as he pushed past him in his haste to get out), "excuse me, I have work to do." It was very, very sweet, and totally unprompted by me. He has been so enthusiastic lately about learning his verses, and taking to heart and mind the stories he is learning. His Sunday School teacher even sought us out recently to tell us how great he's been doing!

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