Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Family Vacation: Part One

(yikes, I caught some bug and have been completely out of sorts for 2+ days... but am feeling quite a bit better today...)

We decided this year to have kind of a low-key family vacation... It was more budget-friendly that way, and plus, the kids are just not old enough to do too much yet. Our ideal 7 days slowly got whittled down to 4, but it was still a success, and a lot of fun. We desired lots of family time together with moments that build memories, and that's what we got.

On Monday we drove down to St. Louis, MO and visited the Transportation Museum. We knew this would be right up Aidan's alley, with all the trains, but there was actually a lot to see and do. After that, we found our nice hotel in the city (thank you Priceline), ordered in pizza and took all the boys for a swim. Now that was a feat. So was sleeping with all of them in the hotel room, but we managed. We watched "Kung Fu Panda" together, which was a lot of fun.
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And yes, that is Caleb with a new haircut, much shorter than he's had in awhile. Shorter than we'd wanted actually, but oh well. He's still a cutie.

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