Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 4

On this day we went out for breakfast, to story time at Discovery Depot (extra fun because the twins actually got to play on things because Weston was there to help), and then to swim at the community kiddie pool at Lincoln Park. After naps, we took a pizza back to the park, ate in the Gazebo, and then played a lot. Very fun day. Very fun vacation! We are so blessed to be a family!

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The Zookeepers said...

ok, I"m just getting caught up on your blog. I'm so LOL! We also went to St. Louis the same week you guys did, just different days. We watched KungFu Panda in our hotel room. We went to the St. Louis Zoo. I have a pic of my kids on that bug too. So funny that we had no idea that either one of us was going to be down there. I'll have my blog updated soon with our St. Louis pics.