Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 3

This day we explored a little of our downtown area, had lunch at Coney Island (a local fave hot dog joint), and even walked through the part of Knox College's "Old Main", the sole remaining original site of the great Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debates (1858).

Then, what the boys had been most looking forward to, we set up "camp" in our backyard! We roasted hot dogs for dinner, and went for a "night hike" with our flashlights. Unfortunately s'mores got rained out, but we cooked some in the microwave anyway. And, the rain was very brief, so we still were able to go back out and spend the night, all of us in the tent. It was very cozy and fun!

Weston and I couldn't stop giggling when the twins, who we thought were settling down, both figured out how to lift the flaps in the 'room divider' at the exact same time from their seperate pack-n-plays, to peek through and grin at us.

Oh yeah, an added bonus was that as we were setting up the tent, we found two garter snakes! A baby one and a bigger one! Very cool! We still have the baby one, but we can't get him to eat, so we'll probably let him go...

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